About Us

Doodles By Ini is an online-based personalized greeting card and stationary company. We create distinct novel designs that are tailored to your individual specifications. We have over 150 ingenious designs, in 20 different categories that appeal to a variety of personalities. Our categories include Birthday Cards, Post Cards, Apology Cards, Get Well Soon, Thank You Cards, Celebratory cards and more

Doodles By Ini is modern, witty and filled with youthful exuberance. Our designs seeks to highlight vibrant and rich Ghanaian culture. Our art celebrates the authenticity of young african talents and enable us to showcase Ghanaian culture to the world.

I had never really appreciated greeting cards unless they had money in it, until one day I made a personalized card for a friend which absolutely made her day! The smile on her face was indescribable and this is what DoodlesbyIni seeks to create. A personalized warm touch to brighten the recipients day.

What makes us different?
  • Afrocentric Vibe
  • Humor
  • Youthful Exuberance
  • Personalised/Customized

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